Christmas cheer comes to Piranha Bar in the form of the adorable Vimmy and his Extraordinary Christmas journey, for Virgin Media and Publicis Dublin.
Vimmy’s slump quickly turns to Extraordinary fun as his Christmas hat pom-pom falls to the snow and begins the snowballing of all the objects in its path.
He jumps aboard and quickly takes control, driving the ball through a series of obstacles and leaving a red path in his wake, eventually making up the iconic Virgin Media infinity sign.
Merry Merry everyone.


Directors: Richard Chaney
Producers: Aileen Heavey
Lead 3D: Eric Dolan
Additional 3D: Jack Bowler, Emma Elisabeth Petersson, Flauberth Carvalho, Alessia Iorio & Sean Hunt
3D Animation: Jack Bowler
2D Animation: Emma Elisabeth Petersson
Design: Shaun Kelly & Emma Elisabeth Petersson
Compositing: Jack Bowler
Music: Ivan Fitzpatrick
Audio: Mutiny
Agency: Publicis Dublin
Creative Director: Ger Roe
Creatives: Ger & James Kelleher
Agency Producer: Rachel Murray
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