This latest colourful film for Vhi Healthcare sees our long and prolific collaboration with agency Publicis Dublin take a fresh new direction for the brand.
Tasked with bringing to animated life the story of a doctor who goes to extra lengths to put her young patient at ease, we jumped into the creative process early on, crafting a new look for the characters and the world they inhabit.
With the narrative unfolding across several locations from our doctor’s kitchen to her office, (and taking in her daily commute along the way!), we employed a bold and graphic painted style while bringing rich art-directed detail, projecting 2D imagery on to three-dimensional digital sets giving the character’s world a warm & lived-in feel.

The characters themselves were no less detailed, our doctor alone incorporating five different costume changes, with all of her clothing and hair simulated to react to the underlying animation, giving a natural fluid movement to her early awkward dance-move attempts.
To add extra authenticity to the animation process we employed a choreographer to interpret a series of modular dance moves and then incorporated this reference into our animation, layering a charming amateur-feel into our doc’s take on the routine.
The end result is a heartfelt message delivered with a huge dose of toe-tapping breezy fun, the endearing animation closing out this short film on a high note.


D​irector: Simon Burke
Creative Directors: Gavin Kelly & Ri​chard Chaney
Producer: Emily Brady
CG Supervisors: Sam Boyd & Simon Burke
Character Groom & LookDev: Ciaran Talbot
3D Artists: Cormac Kelly, Eric ​Dolan, Jack Bowler & Kat Stachura
Animation ​Lead​: Conor Ryan
Additional animation: Shaun Kelly
Character Design: Shaun Kelly
Illustration: Simone ​Mändl
Choreographer: Kerrie Milne
Song: Do it up (Hot Kicks)
Soundmix: Major Tom


Executive Creative Director: Ronan Nulty
Creative Director: Carol Lambert
Creative Team: Claire Healy & Paul O’Loughlin
Head of Production: Niamh Skelly
Senior Account Director: Ruth McCormack
Senior Account Manager: Cormac Dooley
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