Another moving testimonial from an actual Vhi customer is brought to life in our latest spot for long-time collaborators Publicis Dublin.
Cristín’s family story is one any parent with a sick child can relate to. Their son Alex’s developmental milestones being missed and the uncertainty and worry that brings was a delicate emotion to bring to the screen in animated form.
Just as the clouds of their worry grew, Vhi were able to help clear a path to a manageable future for their son, by diagnosing him with Cerebral Palsy. But by giving the family control back and putting a series of treatments in place with a neurologist, radiologist, speech and language therapist and physiotherapist, Vhi enabled them to tackle Alex’s challenges head on.
We used an array of visual storytelling techniques to bring their journey to life. Narrative cinematic lighting, time-wipes to emphasise Alex’s progress and seamless integration of the families own home footage into the narrative. Together these created another moving real life story of how nothing was allowed to hold Alex back.

Directors: Richard Chaney & Simon Burke
Producers: Emily Brady & Aileen Heavey
DoP: Ivan McCullough
CG Supervisors: Sam Boyd & Simon Burke
CG Groom: Ciaran Talbot
CG Artists: Eric Dolan, Ciaran Talbot, Ricardo Ferro, Kat Stachura, Emanuel Raimundo
2D: Alex Murphy
Animators: Iobhar Stokes, Shaun Kelly, Jose Carlos Poeiras & Hannry Pschera
Online 2D: Daniel McNicholl

Agency: Publicis Dublin
Creative Director: Carol Lambert
Executive Creative Director: Ronan Nulty
Creative team: Carol Lambert and Paul O’Loughlin
Head of production: Niamh Skelly
Business Director: Geraldine Jones
Senior Account Director: Ruth McCormack
Account Manager: Cormac Dooley
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