Piranha Bar were again delighted to collaborate with Kellogg’s and Leo Burnett UK to create this origin story for Tresor Stix.
We find our ravenous Tresor Chocovores in search of anything chocolately to fill their little cereal bellies.
Raiding the lovely kitchen Piranha Bar designed and built for them, their frustration grows when they find the draws and cookie jars empty. The mood suddenly darkens as they all realise that the only remaining source of chocolate, is that inside them all. Cue a Tarantino-esque action sequence of death and destruction as they team up to massacre and devour each other in a cannabalistic frenzy.
The heroic last duo standing, now full to the gills with their former friends, undergo an American Werewolf in London style transformation, into the tall and elegant Stix duo that make up every pack of Tresor Stix.
It’s clear that our studio of artists and animators had a ball crafting yet another Tresor spectacular.
Creating a beauty sequence of the crisp Tresor cereal encrusted Stix snapping in two to reveal soft and delicious milk chocolate, was yet another level of tasty CG fun.


Director: Richard Chaney
Producer: Aileen Heavey
Lead 3D: Eric Dolan
Animation: Shaun Kelly, Alessia Iorio & Eric Dolan
3D Product: Sam Boyd
Modelling: Flauberth Carvalho & Ciaran Talbot
Design: Shaun Kelly
Compositing: Marek Buczek


Agency: Leo Burnett UK
Creative Director: Marcus Aitman
Creatives: Drew Davies and Angus Crombie
Producer: Helen Choonpicharn
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