3D Character Design & Renders
Campaign Explainer
Making Paddy – Design & 3D Process Reel
What do the worst stereotypes from the highest trending search suggestions look like?
Our challenge was to interpret the data in visual form and build a full 360, photo-real version of Paddy, right down to the finest blood vessel, black head and hair follicle.
Our 3D artists had a ball getting into the detail of his anatomy, wardrobe and most importantly his facial features. Bringing maximum character through the crafting of his dirty pores, cuts and scrapes, broken nose and piercing eyes.
The aim, to create the most offensive stereotype and uneducated view of what it is to be Irish.
Epic – The Irish Emigration Museum on the other hand, is where to see the true history of the Irish diaspora and find out who the Irish really are.


Director: Richard Chaney
Producer: Aileen Heavey
Lead 3D: Sam Boyd
Additional 3D: Ciaran Talbot
Modelling: Flauberth Carvalho
Design: Shaun Kelly

Agency: The Public House
Creative Director: Dillon McKenna
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