Meet Polly the pigeon.
Polly has a beef with anyone burning dirty fuels.
From her point of view, the effects of burning certain fuels are quite concerning. So she’s urging us all to use low smoke fuels if we’re lighting a fire in our homes this winter.
Our team developed an efficient CG stop-motion style to bring hand crafted charm and character to the spot.
Along the way we gave ‘Polly’ a couple of chicks for extra layers of warmth.
Curly and Beanie got up to all kinds of mischief which ended up making the final cut.


Director: Richard Chaney
Producer: Aileen Heavey
3D Lead: Jack Bowler
Modelling: Flauberth Carvalho
Animation: Jack Bowler & ShaunKelly
Audio: Avondale
Agency: Javelin
Creatives: Marty Watts & Adrian Cosgrove
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